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PG810 Multi gas detecotor is a portable gas detector,can detect 4 kinds of gases at most one time.It is widely used in oil exploration, oil and gas transportation, oil refining, metallurgy, power plants, chemical industry, oil depot and gas station, mine, tunnels, underground pipeline and other industries.If gas concentration exceeds the preset alarm level, detector will start the sound-light alarm for reminding of users to avoid of explosion, fire and poisoning.

Main features:

  • Convenient to carry ,can detect 4 gases

  • Big display, Highlighted, High-definition

  • Automatically save the detecting data for 3048 records

  • Low power consumption , save energy, save electricity

  • Real-time clock display function

  • The key operation needs to input password to prevent wrong operation.

  • Automatic calibration function, reduce the measuring error.

  • Recover key data, avoid the loss of data

  • Battery power real-time display, temperature display,under-voltage hint, low pressure automatic shutdown

  • Standard MINI-USB charging interface; charger is compatible with computer    Charging protection function; when battery is full, charger will shut down automatically.

  • Computer connection function; to realize data download, parameter setting (optional)

  • Alarm type: audible and visual alarm

  • STEL and TWA alarm function for toxic gases

  • Power on self-test function

  • Adjustable high and low alarm level

  • Replaceable modularized sensor


    Technical parameters:

Detecting Gas

combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen

Measuring Range

see the chart

Detecting Method

Diffusion type


≤± 3% F.S

Respond Time

T90 < 30 s

Working Temperature

 - 20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃  

Working Humidity

1590%R.H.(no condensation)

Working pressure


Sensor life

see the chart


Display screen: 2.4 inch IPS color LCD screen, 65K screen colors, high resolution 320 * 240, adjustable brightness 5 class,reversible display

Display mode:

 Real time detection, STEL detection, TWA detection.

Power saving mode:

 Long time(3mts)without operating keys and no alarm,enter the power saving mode

Technical parameters