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Henan Inte Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has a strong technical strength with years of effort, and formed a special technical support center to provide clients with a full range of technical support. In the each stage of product use, Henan Inte can provide comprehensive technical support and services to meet customer needs.

The new products we provide are characteristic of advanced technology and reliable and mature functions which have been identified by State. We provide certificate of quality. As for the sold products, we provide maintenance service for 1-3 years begin from site acceptance and qualified installation. We issue quality guarantee and establish user records. Within the warranty period, we provide free maintenance because of the quality of the product itself; After the warranty, we provide life-long maintenance and only charge for proper costs.

Henan Inte Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has enough spare parts so that we can solve technical problems appeared during debugging and working. With a group of experienced and excellent professionals, Henan Inte service users well from hardware configuration to instrument installation, debugging, application and maintenance service. We will be full of enthusiasm to provide clients with the best service!