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Treatment of common problems of toxic gas alarm, maintenance method, the characteristics of

Time: 2014-10-22

The LCD LCD screen display:%LEL/ppm;
The alarm system: the sound and light alarm
The alarm volume: 75dB
The transmission distance: less than 1000M
The working voltage: AC220V + 10%
The use of humidity: less than 95%RH
The use of temperature: -30 to 70 DEG C
Maintenance method:
1 pay attention to all kinds of sensor life;
2 note concentration measurement range of testing instruments;
Calibration and testing of 3 pay attention to regular;
4 note detection interference between different sensors of various;
Treatment methods of common problems:
1, observation method
The use of visual, tactile, olfactory. Some of the time, damaged components will change color, blistering or burning spots; burn out device will produce some special smell; short circuit will be hot; can also be observed at the weld or sealing with the naked eye.
2, condition adjustment method
Toxic gas alarm in general, in the fault before, don't touch the circuit components, especially the adjustable device is even more so, cases of potentiometer. But if taken in advance multiple reference measures (e.g., in intact before well position mark or measure voltage value or resistance value, etc.) or allowed to touch when necessary. Maybe change . Maybe change after sometimes fault will eliminate.
3, knocking hand pressure method
Often encounter instrument runtime HERSHEY'S bad phenomenon, the vast majority of this phenomenon is caused due to bad contact or weld. In this case can be used to knock and the hand pressing method.
The so-called "knocking" is about the possible fault position, through a small rubber hammer or other knocker gently tapping board or component, have a look whether can cause an error or malfunction of. The so-called "hand pressure" is the fault occurs, power off the plug components and plug and seat back hand firmly, and then try to boot will eliminate the fault. If it is found that the normal beat shell, then beat and is not normal, the best first of all joint weight inserted firmly and try again, if the headache is not successful, he had to think of other ways.
4, elimination method
The so-called elimination method is through the device some plug-in board, plug in the machine to determine the cause of the malfunction. When removing a plug-in board or the device after the instrument back to normal, it shows the fault occurred in there.
5 and the isolation method
Fault isolation method does not require the same type of equipment or parts for comparison, safe and reliable. According to the flow chart of fault detection, fault segmentation surrounded gradually narrow the search range, coupled with the signal contrast, component exchange and other methods, the general will soon find the fault location.
6, the replacement method
Requires two same types of instruments or have enough spare parts. The same components of a good spare parts and fault machine to replace, to see whether the fault elimination.
7, bypass capacitor method
When a circuit generates a strange phenomenon, such as a display of chaos, can probably determine faulty circuit part with a bypass capacitor method. The capacitor connected across IC power and ground terminals; the transistor circuit connected across the base input or output end of the collector, to observe its effect on the fault phenomena. If the input is invalid and bypass capacitor bypass fault its output end disappears, then determine the fault appears in the first-order circuit.
8, riding on shoulder method
Piggyback method also known as parallel method. The IC chip is a good piece of an over to check the chip, or the good components (resistors and capacitors, diodes and transistors) and parallel components to check, maintain good contact, if the fault from the reason to inside the device open circuit or poor contact, then this method can be used to exclude
9, elevating temperature method
Sometimes, instrument working for longer time, or in the summer work environment of high temperature may malfunction, check the normal shutdown, stop for a period of time and then boot normally again, a little while and failure. This phenomenon is due to the individual IC or component performance is poor, high temperature characteristic parameter is not up to the requirements of indexes caused by. In order to find out the cause of the malfunction, can use temperature method.
The so-called cooling is the fault occurs, use cotton fiber will be anhydrous alcohol in the likely site of wipe, cooling the fault is eliminated, the observation. The so-called warming is artificially elevated ambient temperature, such as electric soldering iron is placed near the questionable parts (the attention must not be too high temperature rise that damage the normal device) look at whether the fault occurs.
10, comparison method
Requires two same types of instrumentation, and one is the normal operation of the. Using this method will have the necessary equipment, for example, multimeter, oscilloscope. According to the comparison of the properties of points, a voltage comparison and waveform comparison, static impedance, output results, current comparison.
The specific method is: let the faulty instruments and normal meter run in the same situation, and then two groups of signal detection of some points and then compare the measured, if different, it can be concluded that the failure in here. This approach requires the maintenance staff has considerable knowledge and skills.
More technical problems, please contact with me. To further understand the gas alarm knowledge, please pay attention to this station long-term dynamic technology.