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Combustible gas detector probe host \ solenoid valve installation instructions

Time: 2014-10-22
Henan Yingte electric sales combustible gas detector, alarm for combustible gas, toxic gas alarm and other gas detection instruments, if there is demand, can contact our sales department. The following is the paper introduces key:
Host installation instructions:
1 combustible gas detector shall be installed in the instrument room and other places is prohibited in the installation of non explosion proof, explosion-proof place.
2 combustible gas detector shall adopt the power supply is relatively clean, avoid using our power and large motor equipment.
3 combustible gas detector shall be ground or power plug wire casing grounding.
4 combustible gas detector shell it is strictly forbidden to destroy, otherwise it will affect the shielding effect
5 combustible gas detector installation should ensure that no matter what, firmly fixed *, avoid vibration, dust and water, meet the requirements of environment should be the instrument specifications.
Probe (probe) installation instructions:
1 combustible gas detection probe wiring should use the three conductor shielded cable, single wire diameter greater than 1 mm square, wiring shielding layer must be grounded.
2 combustible gas detection probe field wire wear pipe, the pipe should comply with fire safety requirements, the pipe should be connected with the probe, to meet the fire requirements.
3 combustible gas detection probe shall be mounted sensor down fixed.
4 combustible gas detection probe shall be wired in the absence of power, determine the wiring is correct after electrifying; should be identified in the scene without gas leakage situation, open the cover the debugging probes (for flameproof probe SP-1102).
Combustible gas detection probe should be at least 5 year calibration once, in order to ensure the accuracy of detection.
6 probe points should choose the valves and piping interface, easy leaking air outlet or a radius of 1 meters range leak near, as far as possible close together, but do not affect other equipment operation, and try to avoid high temperature and high humidity environment.
7 combustible gas detection probe for large gas detection can be used when 10 ~ 12 square metres of a probe arrangement, also can achieve the detection alarm effect.
8 combustible gas detection probe installation mode can adopt the roof hoisting, wall mounted or hold pipe installation, should ensure that the installation is firm *, should also consider ease of maintenance, calibration.
Mounting height of 9 combustible gas detection probe: a gas detecting hydrogen, natural gas, city gas proportion is smaller than air, with about 1 meters from the roof installation; gas detection of liquefied petroleum gas proportion is larger than that of air, using from the ground 1.5 ~ 2 meters installed.
Solenoid valve installation instructions:
Gas solenoid valve is cut off gas pipeline safety emergency device. Is applicable to city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gas made two off type switch as the heating medium pipeline execution mechanism of combustion, automatic control temperature. It can be used with gas leak alarm system or connection with fire and other intelligent connection alarm control terminal module, to achieve on-site or remote automatic / manual emergency cut off the gas source, to ensure the safe use of gas. When a strong shock occurs when harmful, the valve will automatically shut down. Open valve is subject to human intervention, manual open, to meet the security management practices, consistent handling characteristics of the accident, emergency gas shut-off solenoid valve is mainly used in the following aspects:
1 and the leakage of combustible gas monitoring instrument is connected.
2 and the limit temperature of thermal equipment (or pressure) is connected to the safety controller.
Central gas 3 and high-rise buildings in the alarm system connected.
Emergency gas shut-off valve is arranged 4 or factories in the city gas supply pipe network within the,
5 reliable technical performance; low load loss; very high safety performance; energy saving excellent performance; rapid cutting performance are the five major characteristics of the series products.