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Carbon monoxide alarm work flow - Henan electric

Time: 2014-10-22
For carbon monoxide alarm for use, can effectively the needle on the effective detection for some gas, security personnel to use in the security of the state. Inspection of toxic gases, so as to carbon monoxide alarm the detection alarm with affordable, small power consumption, simple use, convenient installation, stable and reliable performance, place to promote the use of very suitable for families, hotels, restaurants and other public places such as the use of combustible gas. Carbon monoxide alarm is in accordance with the requirements of the national standard GB 15322.2-2003 technology and with reference to the similar products at home and abroad and elaborate design. The key element which adopts catalytic combustion type sensor, which has the advantages of high precision, good stability, long life and other advantages.
When the gas leaks and reaches a certain concentration detection alarm immediately sends out sound and light alarm signal. When the concentration of carbon monoxide detectors in ambient air is decreased and disappeared after detection alarm will automatically stop the alarm sound, the red indicator light is extinguished, detector back to normal state monitoring, a green indicating lamp. This detection alarm if use and external fan connection mode, in the alarm can immediately and automatically open the exhaust fan, the exclusion of gas leakage. Such as the use of electromagnetic valve is connected with cutting device or control can immediately and automatically close the gas pipeline valve, cut off the gas supply to prevent the fire and explosion of carbon monoxide alarm likely happen, make sure your family, life and property safety.