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Combustible gas alarm non-standard construction prone to failure

Time: 2014-10-22
The fault reasons of combustible gas alarm is more, the first sensor is damaged, the second is the fault line occurs, third is the power supply board burned out, but the first and second partial, mostly due to the safety of non-standard lead, we summarized several experience in practice, to share with you. The construction process is not standard will make the combustible gas alarm fault in the use process. Such as combustible gas alarm is not provided at the nearby equipment easily combustible gas leak, or installation and the exhaust fan is positioned adjacent the combustible gas leakage, can not fully spread to nearby combustible gas alarm, so that the leakage danger can not be timely notified of combustible gas detector. For the nearby gas pipeline, the combustible gas detector shall be installed in residential kitchen stove, when households are using natural gas, combustible gas detector ceiling ceiling mounted from the ceiling within 300mm place; when households are using liquefied petroleum gas, combustible gas detectors should be installed in the ground where less than 300mm. Combustible gas alarm if not reliable grounding, can eliminate electromagnetic interference, is bound to affect the voltage, malfunction detection data are not allowed. So the construction process should be reliable grounding. The wiring terminal is arranged on the vulnerable to collisions or easy water inlet, resulting in electrical circuit or short circuit breakers. Welding with flux must be non corrosive, or joint corrosion or disengaged from the increase of line resistance, affect the normal detection. After the construction should be debugged, ensure the combustible gas alarm is in normal working condition.