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The purchase of carbon monoxide CO gas alarm four note

Time: 2014-10-22
Because of small size of carbon monoxide CO gas detector, micro processing inside the sensor belongs to the high precision sensor, humanized design to use has the advantages of simple operation, but we in the use process, in order to make the carbon monoxide CO gas detection instrument play better, my company to remind everyone in use must pay attention to the following these four points can not be ignore the matters needing attention:
One, pay attention to calibration and testing regularly: poisonous and harmful gas detector with detection equipment others, are determined by the comparative method. Therefore, at any time on the instrument zero, often for the calibration of the instrument is to ensure accurate instrument for measuring the necessary work.
Two, pay attention to all kinds of sensor life: Generally speaking, in the portable apparatus, LEL sensor life can generally be used for about three years; electrochemical sensor life depends on the electrolyte dries up, so if the long time does not use, the seal on the low temperature environment can prolong the service life of a certain. Fixed instrument because of the relatively large volume, long service life of some sensors. Photoionization detector for a lifetime of four years or longer; electrochemical gas sensor general to specific life two years in a year; sensor for carbon monoxide detector life in about a year or so.
Three, pay attention to detect interference between different sensors of various: Generally speaking, the sensor for each gas detector corresponds to a specific detection of gas, therefore, in the choice of a gas sensor, should as far as possible to understand other gases on the detection of the interference of the sensor.
Four, people in the purchase of carbon monoxide CO gas detector must pay attention to four elements. Note that the concentration measurement range of testing instruments: carbon monoxide detector has its fixed detection range. Only the completion of measurement in the determination range, to ensure the instrument accurately determination.
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