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Gas detector and gas alarm controller requires an understanding of the language

Time: 2014-10-22
The detection range
The alarm apparatus can measure the concentration range tested gas under the test condition.
Detection error
Under the experimental conditions, and alarm instrument with standard gas calibration, indicating the maximum error between the value and the standard value allowed.
Under the experimental conditions, the alarm performance change apparatus to maintain a certain degree of time work state.
Response time
Under the experimental condition, the contact from the detector measured gas to achieve stability indicating value of time. Usually, reading reaching stability indicating value of 90% time as response time.
The recovery time
Under the experimental conditions, from the detector from the gas to be measured to monitor the state of the recovery time. Usually, read recovered to stable indicating value of 10% time as the recovery time.
Zero gas
Does not contain the measured gas or other interference gases clean air or nitrogen.
The standard gas
The composition, concentration and accuracy are known gas.
Percentage difference instrument readings and the actual concentration of. Accuracy can be with the instrument, a full range of the actual percentage of reading or a numerical based
The lowest concentration can be reliably detected by instruments.
Has nothing to do with the measurement of the concentration of the instrument reading slowly changing or long-term.
Ppm: refers to the ppm. Such as 5ppm carbon monoxide refers to air containing 5 ppm of carbon monoxide.
LEL: refers to the gas explosion limit (English: lower explode limit or LEL): combustible substances (combustible gas, steam and dust) and air (or oxygen) are mixed to form the lowest concentrations in the premixed flame source explosion. If 10%LEL refers to reach gas explosion
Fried the limit concentration of 10%
VOL: refers to the gas volume percentage. If 5%VOL refers to a specific gas in air volume accounted for 5%.