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Gas detector product training report and use scope

Time: 2014-10-22
1, gas detector according to the connection way is divided into: the bus system and distributing system; according to the divided into the use of the environment: household and industrial use; according to the detection of gas is divided into: combustible gas detection instrument and toxic gas detector; according to the composition is divided into fixed and portable.
2, gas detection instrument widely used in dangerous places exist flammable toxic gas gas station, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, mine, as long as the kitchen, pharmaceutical, etc..
3 common combustible gas, gas detector can detect is divided into: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (Jia Wan CH4) (Bing Wan C3H8), hydrogen (H2), alcohols (methanol, ethanol, CH3OH) {(CH3CH2OH), alcohol, toluene, xylene, benzene} (C6H6), paint (benzene), methane, Bing Wan, biogas, gas, gasoline, diesel oil, solvent oil, ammonia, chlorine, ethylene, acetylene, Jia Wan styrene, acetone, ethylene oxide, methyl acetate, acetic acid.
4, to explain the common physical and chemical properties, combustible gas situation, attention and so on:
(1) natural gas
The main components of methane (CH4), lower density than air, the probe should be installed in the gas leakage above; divided into household, industrial use; mainly for the kitchen, hotel, gas station, gas burning heating, etc..
Note: fixed gas alarm and portable gas detector to purchase the customer, sales volume is relatively large.
(2) liquefied gas
Liquefied gas, also known as liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied petroleum gas and so on; the main component of propane (C3H8) density is greater than the air (air for an average of 29);
(3) hydrogen
Colorless and tasteless; lighter than air; mainly used for power plant generators, used for refrigeration, aluminum
(4) methanol, ethanol, alcohol
Alcohol (C2H6O): the ethanol industry: methanol alcohol
Methanol (CH3OH): chemical raw materials for the chemical plant, pesticide manufacturing
Ethanol: for winery, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
(5), benzene, toluene, xylene paint
Benzene (C6H6) exist at room temperature and atmospheric pressure liquid. Volatile. Mainly used in chemical plant.
Special note: spray paint room (room temperature, high temperature resistant)
(6) of methane, propane, methane, gas
(7) of gasoline, diesel oil, solvent oil, oil and gas
Solvent oil: n-hexane (inflammable and explosive, toxic) in September 8, solvent oil, blend oil relatively good sales.
Diesel engine: diesel generator factory
(8) ammonia
Ammonia liquid ammonia (NH3) is mainly used for refrigeration, chemical fertilizer, warehousing logistics, cold storage is now selling season fruit constant temperature cold storage; seafood frozen.
The two major domestic Compression Agent: cold, cold smoke
Ammonia soluble in water 1:500
Skin permeation poisoning
(9) acetylene, methane chloride, ethylene and styrene, acetone. Epoxy ethane, acetic ether, acetic acid
Acetylene explosion-proof grade CT6
5, the combustible gas sales order: ammonia, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen, methanol, ethanol, ethanol, toluene, benzene, xylene, gasoline, gas oil, solvent oil, paint, diesel oil, methane, acetylene, ethylene oxide and acetone etc..
6, the common toxic gas classification: ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide
(1) carbon monoxide (CO) steel, incomplete combustion. Gas furnace, smoke
(2) the chlorine (CL2) respiration, permeability
Tap water, pesticides, disinfection, salt (sodium chloride)
(3) hydrogen sulfide (H2S), chlorine dioxide (SO2) chemical factory, pesticide
7, the gas
Coke oven gas (H2) power plant
Blast furnace gas (CO) steel
Water gas (CO)
Household liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and some will become the gas!
Coal gas (H2)
Converter gas (CO)
8, can be burning gas and toxic: ammonia, toluene, xylene, chlorine gas, methane, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide
Hydrogen, methanol, ethanol is relatively high detection accuracy requirements PPM!
9, oxygen
Oxygen (O2) in 20.9% normal volume of air
Difficulty in breathing less than 18% higher than 26%
10, carbon dioxide
Titanium dioxide (CO2): underground garage, greenhouse vegetables
11, six sulfur fluoride
Six of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) protection switch, power plant
Note: customers need to buy gas gas detector must ask the main ingredients of customers using gas is hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane or, corresponding to buy gas detector, because some can detect combustible gas detection, and some can be toxic, these two kinds of gas alarm corresponding to the price difference is very big, toxic gas detection instrument first of all you than flammable, if understand these things, will reduce part of expenses for the customer, if we want to gain a foothold in the industry gas detector, must take the customer interests, this kind to be invincible.